What I Got For My Birthday

What I Got For My Birthday

It was my birthday last week! It went by really fast. Per usual I must say, I’m not trying to brag or boast. Thank you so much to everyone that got me a card, present etc or wished me happy birthday. I’m very grateful to everyone! Lots of love.

The first thing I got, as you may of noticed was.. A self hosted blog! Finally! After about 6 months of blogging, I’m now self hosted. I’d love to get a theme from pipdig. The theme I have right now is nice but the pipdig themes are so professional! My only issue is money. I’m so glad that my blog is now self hosted. I no longer have the blog.wordpress.com at the end. I have full access to my CSS. I can use plugins etc.

The next thing I got was a camera. I was not expecting this at all! I got the canon EOS 500d. It is a stunning camera. As well as the great camera itself, I got some extra bits for it: two tripods (a small and large one), a sigma dg lense, 3 filters, a wide angle lense, a telephone lense and a weird like flower looking lense. Not sure of its name oops. Thank you so much! I’m still trying to figure out what all the controls do and how to use iso etc. I’m starting to get the hang of it now though.

I got four packs of false nails. I go through these like crazy and wear them all the time. Two packs were from my family then the other two were from my fabulous friend Zoë. Zoë also got me a pack of 3 nude nail polishes. There was a mutted purple, a basic nude brown and a yellowish bright colour. I’m surprised to say, I didn’t actually have any nude varnishes before! Last but not least, she got me a bottle of perfume, it smells really summery and like a sweet ocean. It’s called Mermaid Vibes.

My mum is taking me to get my hair done! I want to get a full head. I will be getting a warm but neutral blonde, broken up root, dimension and I don’t want a root line. Towards the end it will be platinum blonde. I have a photo reference to show them if that makes no sense. I have dyed my hair three times. First time I used a temporary blue dye that failed. The second, my mum did blonde highlights and it was so pretty. The third time I fully dyed it a lighter blonde but all it did was make some of my hair appear ginger. Basically, I am in need of a big hair makeover.

From my other mates, I got some chocolate mmm thank you! And last but not least, I will be hopefully getting my helix pierced! I’ve wanted to get it pierced for a while now actually but it takes a while to heal and we aren’t actually allowed them at school so I figured what better time then the summer holidays!

Thank you for reading,

Marissa xo



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