What’s on my IPhone?

What’s on my IPhone?

I’ve been meaning to do this for post for a while. Finally able to today! Let’s get straight into it.

So I have the IPhone 5s. I got it for Christmas two or three years ago. I’ve broken so many cases but I love my current case it’s cuteeee! It’s a little penguin and then it came with matching earphones. Can’t remember where I got these from but I’m sure you can find them online if you wanna be twinning. My background is Ed Sheeran, Obviously ahem. Then I just have all the boring usual apps. After that everything is in a category.

My first little box thing is called Social. I have Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, FB etc. Then I have this amazing app called UNUM. It is great for organizing your feed. You can lay it out how you’d like and moving images is so easy and quick. Next box is games. I have all the FNAFs, Akinator, Minecraft, Subway Surfers (aka my life), Chicken scream, Down The Mountain, Alice Green Fingers, Slither.io and many many more. My Wifi likes to randomly die for an hour so I stock up on games.

Another box wooo. I keep all my editing stuff in here, which is why it’s titled editing apps but yolo. I have, VSCO, Vont, Phonto, IMovie, Pocket Video, Super Impose and tones of others. That is kinda the last proper bit. After that it’s just random apps and stuff I can’t delete like Find My phone. I’ll never need that. My phone is right next to… Wait a sec where is my phone?! Lmaoooo yeah I will never need it.  Hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading,

Marissa xo


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