What’s in My Bag?

What’s in My Bag?

Sorry about this photo, it got hit by a double decker bus. Twice actually. This is a collab with : Serena! <3 Today I’m going to be sharing what’s in my everyday bag. I don’t mean school bag, I mean the bag I use when going out aha. I have two bag I use, depending on which outfit and where I’m going I’ll alternate them. So the bags I have are the Ted Baker large black shopper bag. You can buy it here ; the bag. The other bag I got from peacocks I think. It’s a peach and white tote. I really love it aha. I can’t find the bag so I think it’s been discontinued.


On a typical going out day I chose the tote over my Ted Baker bag as it’s more practical. In the main area I keep my purse with some money inside obviously. This is in case I need to get the bus or maybe I want to buy something or if I’m going out to eat. If I’m not on my phone then I will put it in my bag. Obviously I have my phone on me, no explanation needed there. I also bring my planner/diary. I might need to jot stuff down or just to do some random doodles and make lists. If I don’t bring my planner I bring my wreck this journal. I always, always, always take headphones they are a must. Gotta block out that background noise and catch up on some good tunes right xD. If I need them I’ll take my sunglasses which are from rosy and I love them so much! Then if I’ve been shopping it will have some of the smaller stuff inside and loose change will be flying everywhere.


In the smaller pocket at the front I keep a little makeup/essentials bag. Inside I’ll have bobby pins, hair bands and makeup. The makeup I normally take is a lip balm, lipstick, maybe some powder and a small bottle of perfume. Today I took the no clumps collection mascara. Sometimes I take foundation but i rarely do. If I did it would be the L’oreal true match foundation. The lipstick I always take is Velvet teddy by Mac and the powder I take is the L’oreal true match powder. I really like this powder. It’s so much better than I thought it would be. You can get it from boots or Superdrug etc but here is the link anyway ; The Powder. I also keep a mini deodorant, this is an impulse deodorant. Then I bring the nail varnish I’m currently wearing. If I’m not wearing a nail varnish I bring this clear coat stuff that stops me biting my nails because I just can’t stop without it! An absolute must is my mini strobe cream from Mac because it’s just the perfect ‘glow on the go’ 😂

Hope you enjoyed this post and have had a great week so far! What are your essentials you can’t leave the house without?

Marissa xo


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