Top Five Movie Picks

Top Five Movie Picks

We are slowly getting into the Autumn and Winter months now and it’s starting to get colder. That means there is more time to hop into bed and have a movie marathon. Ain’t nobody got time for the cinema when it’s this cold. I wanted to share with you my top five movies that I watch over and over again. I’ll give a short summary but no spoilers!


This film is a “feel good” film. I’ve watched it twice now but I’m sure I’ll end up watching it many times again. It has “Fat Amy” (Rebel Wilson) in it and I love her. It’s just funny and makes you feel good. I don’t want to give spoilers so just a short summary. Alice hasn’t ever been independent. She’s always relied on her boyfriend Josh who she was dating for four years. She thought it would be cool to have a little break so she could explore and discover independently. And a lot happens along the way…  I’ll leave it at that.


I’ve grown up with this film from a young age. It’s a good family film. In the film, there’s a family and it seems like they favour one set of grandparents over the other. There’s like pictures of them everywhere and none with the other grandparents (the mother’s side). Artie and Diane (the other grandparents) are asked to watch the kids while the parents are away for a while. It’s a bit of a handful for them! If you want to see what they get up to I’m pretty sure most of it is in the trailer. Otherwise, just watch the film! It’s a great film.


I’m a liar! This isn’t a movie! It was a small series and the only series they will ever make, noooo. I was totally obsessed with this! I’m not sure if you can get it on Netflix? I just watched it on E4 I think on sky at the time. There is a breakout of a virus in Atlana and a whole section is quarantined off. The main characters stuck on the inside that are featured are a police officers girlfriend Jana and best friend Jake, Teresa (she’s pregnant), a teacher (katie) and her class and Dr.Victor. They are all trying to find out where the outbreak came from and how to handle it. It’s really cool to watch as it all unfolds. The end is a big shock too!


This film is just insane. The ending is so tense. A team of scientists go on a ship to mars and get a sample of soil. In the soil they find this little organism. They end up calling it Calvin. They do tests on it and it starts to grow massive. Turns out the organism is not friendly. I’m trying so hard not to give away all the plot. It’s super smart as well which poses some challenges for the crew when stuck in a sticky situation. They call for help but are pushed further into space. What will they do now? You need to watch this film!


Is it even true if I don’t put mean girls. I don’t even need a summary for this film. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of it. Gretchen Wieners is the best name ever. I’ve watched this film more than 30 times. It’s never going to get old neither are the mean girl jokes. If only this post was going up October 3rd. If you get it comment bellow ;)

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  1. September 24, 2017 / 5:22 pm

    OMG I used to love Parental Guidence, it is such a funny chilled film aha😘💓

    • SimplyMarissa
      September 27, 2017 / 6:07 am

      One of the best! x

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