Summer Skincare Essentials

Summer Skincare Essentials

If you can’t tell, I’m overusing the word “Summer” because I’m hoping that the weather will take a hint and get hotter please. I’m not feeling the thunder and wind right now, sun only!

Anyway, these products would be my staple if we actually got some sun around here in rainy Britain but hey what more can I ask for? We had two days of 28 degree heat – oh my days! Let’s get into those products then I can go enjoy the sun. Oh wait…

  1. The Body Shop – Strawberry Hand Cream

The scent from this fills the entire room. I could use the tiniest dollop and boom: I smell like a strawberry for the next hour. As you can see, it’s very loved and squeezed. I need to get a new one as it’s on it’s last legs. I’d so recommend this product especially in this scent. It’s such a summery, picnic-day fragrance.

2. Lush – Vanishing Cream

This is a very light moisturiser, which is great for Summer as you don’t want a heavy product clogging your pores. It’s a lavender scent and the product itself is smooth and easy to apply. It sinks into the skin and doesn’t sit on the surface of your face. It’s £18.95 so not the cheapest but totally worth it!

3. Garnier – Micellar Water

I absolutely swear by this product. It lasts for months and you can get a bigger bottle. I always used to scrub at my eyes with makeup wipes for ages. Which is not good, it can irritate your eyes. Half the time it doesn’t even effectively remove the makeup. Then I stumbled across this great product. It’s such a great mini size for travelling and storage.

4. Indeed Labs – Hydraluron

This product is another little gem. I tend to suffer from very dry skin and since using this product I have noticed such a drastic change in the texture of my skin. It’s softer and much more radiant! The product itself is clear. It feels refreshing and clean. This has helped to relax my skin and it’s just amazing! I cannot recommend this enough. It’s not sticky or greasy at all. Another big thumbs up from me is the packaging.

5. Malibu SPF Lip Balm

I normally find in Summer I get the worst case of dry, cracked lips. This Lip Balm smells so good and it’s SPF so protects you from that nasty sun that we never see. I do find it’s quite hard to apply though. It’s really stiff – strange I know? Other than that, it’s a good balm. It almost sits on your lips so you do have to re-apply a bit but hey SPF!

I hope you find some new loves through this or you’ve decided to buy some of these by the end!

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