Stationary Haul

Stationary Haul

School is one of the last things any of us want to be thinking about on holiday but school supply shopping is something I get excited about. I don’t go back until the start of September but I wanted to get all my shopping out of the way with. Here’s everything I bought.

The mains shops I go for school supplies are The Works, WHSMITH, Tesco and Poundland. Poundland slayed the supplies this year. They brought out so many cute things!

My bag was £20 from New Look. It has black quilted patches on the front and gold details. I chose a backpack over a handbag because I didn’t want the hassle of not having enough space and have a sore shoulder. It’s not massive but it’s big enough to fit my books, pencil case etc.

I got two packs of pens. Plain black pens and three of the full colour wheel pens. They come in super handy as our school requires us to mark in green pen. I got a pack of five pencils in neon colours and I also picked up one of the double ended rubber and pencil sharpeners. At the works I bought three packs of highlighters! Seems un-necessary but if they run out or I need some for home I know I’ll always have an extra pack to go back to.  I then bought a big pack of works glue. With non branded blue I find it never works so I’ll let you know how I get on with this one! Just incase they are rubbish I bought a pritt-stick.

For revision and note taking etc I got a pack of flash cards and 4 sets of post-it notes. I’m super lazy and hate making flashcards because it takes so long so having pre-made ones makes life so much easier! I picked up a notebook too. I have no idea what I’m going to use it for but it’s really pretty. It’s black with geometric golden details. It’s just so cute and I would of picked up all of the range at poundland but I don’t know what I’d use all the notebooks for! I also got myself and marble print binder and some stuff for inside it. I bought a pack of dividers so I can separate and colour code my subjects and have a section for homework and letters etc. I bought some little wallets for inside too that have the holes on the side so you can insert them. These will be super handy! I doubt I’ll bring in my binder as it’s pretty large and takes a lot of space up in my bag.

Some extra bits I bought were a folding ruler. I love these because they don’t take up as much space as full rulers but you can still draw long lines. I hate flexible rules because they end up being all bent and you can’t draw a line with them. My pencil case is from B&M and I thought it was kind of Ted Baker looking. It’s black with a glittery silver bow and Ted Baker tend to have stuff like that.

Thanks for reading,

Marissa xo


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