So… I got pierced! Mini Q&A

So… I got pierced! Mini Q&A

As you can tell by the title, today I’ll be spreading the goss on my piercing and if they really hurt, prices etc. If you have a question that wasn’t answered in this post, feel free to comment it on this blogpost and I will answer asap or you can DM me over on instagram. My instagram is @simplymarissa_ or you can click it in the sidebar!

Where did you get them done and how much did they cost? – @hottowncoolgirl

I got them done at a nearby piercing shop. They’re a small local tattoo and piercing place. My piercings all together have cost me £75. A helix piercing is £30 each and a lobe is £15.

How many do you have? – @hottowncoolgirl

I’ve got three piercings! Two helix piercings and a lobe. I’m looking to get a stud on my nose in the future though!

What would you recommend to people wanting to get another one?

If you love the idea, give it a couple of weeks and if you’re still set on the idea of the piercing then get it done! Besides, if you end up hating it you can always let it close up.

Which piercing hurt the most? – @onlymilx

The second helix (closer to the bottom) hurt the most. I wouldn’t say it was extremely painful at all though. It was a tiny jab and if I’m honest the aftercare is more painful. For the first week or so mine was very sore and painful to touch. I’ve had no bother with my lobe piercing it isn’t sore in the slightest.

Which piercing were you most hesitant about? – @lifeasnajida

I was quite scared to get my second helix piercing because I got the other helix a year before and forgot what the pain was like. I was also scared of hearing the famous “crack” noise as the needle goes through. I didn’t hear anything so not sure what people mean when they say it cracks.


I clean my piercings twice a day using a salt solution. I put a generous amount of rock or sea salt into a cup then add boiling water. I wait 2 minutes for it to cool then clean my piercings. I find the best way to do this is using cotton bud. When I’m further on in the ‘healing’ process eg. after a month for a helix or a week for lobe, I will use ‘Germoline’ which is an antiseptic cream. This is just me being lazy but it works totally fine.

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