Short Films

Short Films

So lately I came across a short film and then I started watching loads of them. And I’ve realised how much I’d love to make my own. I came up with some ideas whilst watching other videos. But I want to make mine original. I’ll be posting them on Moon Angel so please leave feedback as I’d love to know what you guys think of them!! Do any of you guys make short films or ever wanted to? If you don’t know what a short film is its basically a short video normally 3 minutes long and it has a main vocal point/message that they are trying to get across.Why do people make short films??Well personally I’m making them because firstly they interest me. Also I think it’s a cool way to tell people stuff. But for me short films are all about changing people’s perceptions of the world and themselves. I don’t know, I just think they look super cool. I’ve just realised how random this post is but hey my blog is where I’m sharing loads of random stuff so! Anyway that’s it I guess. Pretty short sorry.

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Marissa xo


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  1. sprinkleofell
    March 19, 2017 / 6:44 pm

    I love that idea. I will definitely be checking them out! I find short films so interesting and I get really into them. I also know what you mean when you say they ‘change peoples perceptions of the world’, I think that too!! x

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