Photography&Cake&Starting Youtube?!

Photography&Cake&Starting Youtube?!

I’ve been baking quite a lot recently. There’s just something so relaxing about baking. I’ve also been taking a lot more photographs with my camera. I love my camera but I have to keep buying batteries all the time. Anyway let’s talk bout cake guys!

What is the secret to a perfect cake? Well I’d tell you but it’s my family’s secret so I can’t give away any hints. All I can say is you don’t always have to stick by the recipe. Mix it up a bit. Have fun with it. If the recipe says mix for 2 minutes. Be a rebel and mix it for 2 minutes and a second.

My favourite bit of baking (next to eating it) has to be the decoration. I love decorating cupcakes and making them look all cute. My dad keeps making cookie dough because all love it so much and a couple of weeks ago he made cupcakes and he put chunks of the cookie dough on top and it was heaven. Try it some time! Mini story time ahead. So when I was in primary they had a Masterchef baking day. And I decided I’d do it. It was on my birthday. And let’s just say it ruined my either day. I was making an oil based tie dye cake. The teacher we had said I was doing it wrong. I tried to explain that I used oil so it’s supposed to be a wet mix but no she took my cake and started whisking it. Like what. Then she gave it back to be and it looked like “frothy” (is that a word?) milk. I tried to continue but we were running out of time so the teacher made people help me. Well one of those people mixed all the colour so together and made one big green bubbly milk mix. I had to pour it into the toilet. To make it even worse this teacher took my £60 cake tins and used them as POPCORN POTS. I was so upset because I thought I’d lost them. I cried for ages then my mum went up to the school to find the tins. Worst birthday in the history of birthdays.

I feel like this post is very mismatched and just random thoughts but oh well. Also I started a Youtube Channel! It’s called Moon Angel. I posted a video called “Watercolour circle painting” a lil while back so go check it out. I’ve noticed that my blog has been going downhill. Not in like content or posts but I get no notifications or like and comments. I’m stuck on 30+ followers and I’d love to get that a bit higher? :( I’m still going to continue with my blog as I love it. Even if no one will read it. Comment ” Ed Sheeran ” if you read this far. Yes, I’m that cringe-worthy.

Thank you for reading,

Marissa xo


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  1. sprinkleofell
    March 14, 2017 / 7:27 am

    Ed Sheehan ❤️❤️

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