My Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday Wishlist

It’s almost my birthday! June is just round the corner and I can’t wait! Throughout the year I’m constantly asking for stuff and seeing really cute stuff I want then it comes to my birthday and I’m blank. This year I decided I’d think properly and I’ve got 10 things I would like the most. So when people ask me I won’t be saying “hmmmm I’m not sure”. Just a little disclaimer, I’m not trying to be rude, I don’t expect any of this and I’m so grateful for everything I have! Let’s get into the list.

1. The Pink Sands Yankee Candle

It doesn’t have to be the pink sands candle, I would just love a Yankee Candle. They smell so nice and are really cute. I think other than lighting them my main purpose would be to use them in my photos.

2. Peacocks Women’s Black Quilted Bag

I have wanted this bag for ages! I love the gold chain and the quilted patches are a really classy touch. You can dress it up or down, it works any outfit really. Also it’s pretty cheap! It’s very similar to the Chanel Gold Chain purses. I was looking for a dupe for it and came across this bag.

3. Fake Plants

I’d love to get some fake succulents or like the cute fake plants in the gold jars. I will never kill them because I won’t forget to water them as they are fake and also they look really nice in photos. I always need a bit of green in my photos and I could do with a fake plant!

4. Mac Retro Liquid Lipstick in Cafe Au Chic

I love Macs lipsticks. I have about 4. The liquid lipsticks look really nice! I’m a big fan of matte nude liquid lipsticks.  I had a little browse on the website at the shades and fell in love with the shade Cafe Au Chic. These are a little more expensive than the lipsticks, not by too much though.

5. Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

The hype on these have been unreal. As much as I love matte liquid lipsticks, I’d love to try the velvet lip kits. There is one shade in particular I have my eye on. Rosie, it’s a beautiful purpley rose shade. I love Kylies packaging, it’s so photogenic.

6. Pillows!

There are quite a lot of pillow cases on Amazon I love! I need some new ones and I would love to “redecorate”. I saw this really cute one that said ” be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown,and be sweet on the inside”. I actually hate pineapple but I thought this was cute.

7. ABH Dipbrow Pomade

I have wanted this for a while now. I don’t really have anything to do with my brows with and I love the look of this product. It’s flawless and doesn’t look patchy. I’d probably get it in the shade Taupe/Soft Brown or Blonde

8. VOSS water bottle

I could really do with a new water bottle for summer and when I go running. I love the style of  the VOSS bottles. I’ve seen people put fruits and sometimes vegetables in there bottles and it makes it “infused” whatever that means. I tried it but all my strawberri floated to the top of my glass and went all mushy.

9. Milk and Honey – Rupi Kaur

This book is a collection of poems and is truly beautiful. Its simplicity really makes it stand out. Some of the poems can be 4 lines and some are a page. This is definitely somewhere at the top of my list!

10. Light Box

Last but not least is a light box. They would again be good in photos and make cute desk decor. I’ve seen this everywhere and I’d love one myself.

Thanks for reading,

Marissa xo


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