Let’s Catch Up

Let’s Catch Up

Isn’t this cup just the cutest?! I love the lettering. Today I thought it would be nice to sit down and have a little catch up on how my life is going, my priorities and just generally how I’m doing.

So we have just finished the end of year exams/tests. It isn’t like GCSEs or even the mocks but it’s still very stressful. I’m so glad it’s over because I get really worked up and stressed over everything especially tests! I feel like it went well, we will see when I get my results back I guess! Now that all that is out the way with I can focus more on my blog. At the moment, I’m working on my photography. As you may know I got a new camera for my birthday! It’s an absolute gem. I’ve never tried a Canon camera before I’ve always just had a basic Nixon point and shoot. Expect to see some cool things up soon. I actually had a little issue when I first got my camera. I was taking photos in RAW. Fellows photographers will understand that converting a CR2 file is a nightmare! After two weeks, I finally worked out how to convert them.

I feel like I’ve been slightly neglecting my blog for a bit. This is due to my tests as I mentioned before. I’ve still tried to get the odd post up though. My issue right now is that I’m still adjusting to this! I have to change my image sizes because of my camera. I’m learning how to use CSS to change my fonts etc. Does anyone know how to convert stats? On my old blog I had 1000 views maybe more but now I have 100ish. My website host is fasthosts by the way.

As of yet I have no blog posts with images from my new camera but that will change soon. I also have an exciting collaboration with the brand Love Corn! I will be posting about there amazing kernels soon. Be ready! They are so addictive I warn you.

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