How To Relax After a Long Day

How To Relax After a Long Day

We all need a bit of time to unwind and relax. It can be hard to relax after a long stressful day. I’m going to be sharing my lil routine.


The most obvious thing is to get into comfy clothes or pyjamas. I love my Primark pyjamas. They are Disney woop. Primarks pajamas are actually so cute. Once I’m comfy I’ll do my skincare routine then apply a face mask. I used this peel off mask because lets be honest, peeling it off is the most satisfying thing ever. Bath time! For my bath I’m going to be using this cute cupcake bath bomb, various bubble baths, my Zoella ginger bread bath salts and the ginger cream to top it all off. So basically bath heaven xD I’ll be using my Soap&Glory Sugar Crush body wash because it smells amazing! All of S&Gs products do tbh. Whilst I’m in the bath I will read or listen to music. Share your favourite book with me below!

Youtube my savior. Get into bed and watch your favourite youtubers for hours. I love vlogmas aha even in like june. Binge watch your favourite shows. I loveeeeee 13 Reasons Why. Anyone else watching it? Also get some food while you’re watching this xD Chocolate is good get some chocolate. Or, shamless self promo, you could watch my Youtube videos ayyyyyyy. My super favourite way to relax is sleep. You aren’t awake to be stressed and woooo. Sleeping is great. I struggle getting to sleep but when I’m stressed it’s a breeze so seizing my chance while I still can. Sleep on dudes. Sleep on.

If you don’t really want to use your eyes, that sounded good in my head I’m not sure how to word it. Listen to music. It’s super relaxing and whenever I have any time at all It’s filled with good tunes wooo and Ed Sheeran. Need new music? Check my blog post : 50 Songs that are the Bomb for some inspo and new sick tunes. Get some exercise. This isn’t for everyone but I recently started at the gym and I’m really enjoying it. I get super angry easily so it’s a nice way to blow off steam you could say. I’m so focused on my physical pain I forget about any problems ahaa. As I said not everyone likes the gym, I admit it can be scary with the big men weightlifting but nah it’s chill. Besides weights and cardio are in different rooms so I don’t see them. Tip, don’t go on a machine next to someone unless it’s the last one. Always space yourself with two empty beside you are the very end machine.

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