Cozy Nights ☕️

Cozy Nights ☕️

I decided to do a quick little blog post. It’s Thursday evening and I’m just snuggled up with my hot chocolate and I’m reading a book. I took a cute photo of my book. The week is almost over. If you didn’t know I started school again this week. Today was one of the worst lesson days and it didn’t even go as bad as I thought. I have art and history tomorrow so I can already tell it’s a good day aha. Also on an offside note did you know that after may the five pound notes won’t be valid any more! My mum told me this before so I went hunting for all my money to find some fivers but I have no money.

Winter has to be my favourite season. I love the weather and the atmosphere. It’s so cozy and relaxed. The hot chocolate I’m drinking is actually a Cadbury’s Fudge hot chocolate and it is so good! Quick little mention, I’m going to be doing some art posts on here soon and I’d love your feedback. What kind of art posts would you like?

My blog is going pretty well. I still want to create a slideshow of a couple posts but I haven’t got enough posts yet! On Sunday “Spoiler Alert” I’m going to be posting a blog post called “My 50 Favourite Songs” so don’t forget to check my blog on Sunday at 10:30 for my post!

Anyway, I’m about to have dinner (It’s Friday as I’m editing this aha). We are having takeaway woo what a great way to end the week. I hope you’ve had a good week and I’ll see you with another blog post on Sunday!

Marissa xo


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