Beating Back-to-School Nerves

Beating Back-to-School Nerves

Hello my loves!

Today, we are talking about dreaded back to school. You’re probably think – Marissa why on earth would you torture us like this we still have a few weeks before we go back? Well I’m hear to prepare you!

I don’t know about anyone else but I struggle so much with the shift to back to school. Till about Year 5, I would scream and cry on the first day of school without fail. My mum had to drop me off and wait with me till the bell went every single time. I think as well as nerves, missing my lovely room and all the great food at home, my anxieties were very much attached to school. Being at home made me feel safe and I hated change! Six weeks is a long time to be away from school and after you’ve adjusted to being at home it feels so strange going back again.

Here are some tips to help you get ready for school and be as cool as a cucumber

1. Sort out any problems! (What you’re scared about for the new school year or dreading going back to)

For example, if you’re worried about PE you could:

– Put on all your PE clothes and see what they’ll look like. This will stop any issues with size or if you feel self conscious you can adjust your kit etc.

– Prepare your PE bag for back to school! Making sure that this is done already stops rushing around on the first week for your clothes and just cuts out any stress.

– If you are able to, you could speak to your teacher about any concerns you may have. If you’re nerves are friend related, make it your mission to find a PE partner. There’s bound to be someone just as nervous as you. Try reaching out on social media to people in your class if that would make you feel more at ease.

That was just an example but if you have a specific worry about back to school make sure you get it fixed! It’s only going to get worse the longer you leave it. Let me know if there is anything I can help with!

2. Prepare your bag and go through the supplies you need.

I like to get my school stuff ready a week before going back so I can enjoy my last week without worrying about what I still have to do. The night before we go back I will check through my stuff and that’s it!

– Make sure you have everything you need in your pencil case: calculator, ruler, glue etc.

– Clean out your old school bag or buy a new one! It’s important you have a clean and tidy bag so you go back with the right mindset! I feel so much less stressed knowing I have everything I need and exactly where it is if I need it.

3. Buy some snack bars and easy to grab on the go foods.

This probably seems weird but if you don’t buy lunch, food can be a struggle. I never know what to make and the one time I need food I have nothing. Chances are on the first day you won’t want anything big so snack bars and things like snack-a-jacks are so easy to shove in your bag or eat whilst walking around.

4. Sort out your uniform!

– Make sure everything fits! Try it on before you go back to school and make sure it looks good!

– If you wear a blazer put some pens in your pocket, your headphones etc

– Hang your uniform outside your wardrobe the night before!


5. Start waking up a little earlier every day.

Now this one sucks but it’s worth it. You don’t want to be lying in till 2pm then suddenly school rolls round and your alarm is blaring at 6am. Not cool. Start waking up a little earlier on the last week.

6. Make sure when you wake up you get ready!

This sounds like second nature but in Summer sometimes we have a habit of wearing pyjamas all day and watching movies. When you go back to school you’ll need to be up and dressed fast AND you’ll have things you’ll need to do during the day. On the last week, make sure you do your hair maybe or get into a proper outfit and pop to the shops every morning.

7. Continue working during the holidays.

Of course the holidays are meant to be about having time off but I find when I go back I forget how to do everything. Even writing feels weird. A good way to keep ‘working’ would be to space out any homework you get! This way you’ll be used to writing and working and going back into school won’t feel as un-natural.

8. If you look good, you feel good.

Have a pamper night before school! Bring out the face masks, eat some good food etc. Treat yourself!

I really hope these tips help you and good luck to everyone going back soon. I’ve got two weeks till I go back – where did the time go!?

Thanks for reading,


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