7 things I’ve learnt this year

7 things I’ve learnt this year

Today is the one year mark for my blog! As today is New Years Eve this post seemed very appropriate. It gives me a chance to reflect on this year and myself.

  1. Don’t engage with bad comments and negative people.

I’m very guilty of replying being very heated in the moment to negative messages or comments. Luckily I’ve never really dealt with lots of these but no matter what you’re going to get the odd few which sucks. As a reminder to myself and to you guys, switch off your phone and leave it for at least 10 minutes. This way you’ll have time to think through what you want to say and collect yourself. Most of the time it’s not even worth replying. If I do reply I try to make it a positive reply which this person doesn’t even deserve to be quite frank! The best thing to do is not engage yourself in the situation at all. Then it’s just a message, not a situation or argument.

  1. Some people suck

You are always going to find people in life that just generally suck. You aren’t going to get along with everyone or agree with them. The best thing to do is just let it go. There’s no point to be stressing or being frustrated towards someone for so long. I always say to myself “in 10 years time will this really matter?”. Not to sound like a life-coach or every quote on tumblr but life is too short to waste it. Why wouldn’t you want to spend it doing something more worth while that will make you happier in the long run?

  1. Be more spontaneous

I very much “play by the rules” and I HATE change. I love to have a structure and a plan/routine. If I don’t I get very stressed but then again I get stressed if I fail to meet this structure so either way I’m getting stressed! I need to relax and live in the moment instead of always trying to be one step ahead. Stressing is exhausting and I could do without it. In 2018 I hope to try adapt a bit more and let go of my attitude towards change, it’s okay to do things differently once in a while!

  1. Don’t let people stop you from doing the things you love

You’ll only regret it. Don’t let others have control over the things you love. 2018 is the year to take on that hobby or start a YouTube channel, whatever it is you’ve been putting off due to other people just do it. Don’t allow people’s opinions and thoughts to put you off doing anything because at the end of the day it’s only you missing out!

  1. There is no elegant way to eat spaghetti

So this probably seems a bit random compared to the other four things but this is a life lesson to all. No matter how you eat your spaghetti, if you twirl it or cut it or whatever, it will still look messy. Just eat it and have a tissue nearby.

  1. Journals are my best friend

I never realized how much I would enjoy journaling! It’s something I’d really like to continue in the new year as it really helps me organize and I love how pretty or messy it can look depending on what you want out of it.

7. Focus on art more!

This year I haven’t been doing as much art as I’d hoped so next year I will be doing a lot more art and sharing it on my blog!

Thanks for reading, Wishing you all the best for next year,

Marissa xo



  1. January 1, 2018 / 10:15 am

    Love this post! So true about spaghetti!

    • SimplyMarissa
      January 2, 2018 / 11:50 am

      Glad you liked it and yes it’s a terrible problem!

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