10 Facts About Me

I was debating on doing this post or not because I didn’t really want to put a photo of myself on here. But this is my blog so I guess my face should be on it somewhere. This post actually took  me a really long time because I wasn’t really sure what to put. I’m not saying that I’m a boring person I just don’t know what you guys want to know about me.

  1. I love Art. If you didn’t already know. I prefer more creative subjects at school. Not to say that I’m bad at Math or Science, I just prefer Music, Art and English. I already have one post about Art but I’m going to do a blog post showing most of my art. I might show some of my art from when I was little. It’s hilarious trust me. I would draw a line and say it was a dog.
  2. Guinea pigs are amazing. I have 4 Guinea pigs and I love them to pieces. They’re two boys&two girls. The boys are Raiden and Kano. The girls are Kira and Kitana. Their names are after Mortal Kombat characters. I also have a dog, I did a post about him a while back. He’s called Jax. I can’t forget my fish as well! We have 6 of them left. Flap, Flop, Mr Suck, Mr Vacuum, Crimson and Baby Shimmer. We had about 40 at one point but we lost most of them. Mr Suck and Mr Vacuum are Catfish or Sucky fish as I call them. Ill try get some photos of the fish but I don’t really want to scare them with my big camera so. The fish are actually really interactive. I’ve taught them little tricks.
  3. Weetos are my favourite ceral. I eat them all the time. Even at like 9pm I’ll go grab a bowl of weetos. Yummy. They are the best. Not much more to say about them.
  4. I have 3 siblings! Big family wow!
  5. I used to hate summer because of the bees. But after I watched the bee movie I love bees now. I’m kidding I still cry when I hear their buzzing. *Triggered*
  6. I have a very weird phobia of escalators. Don’t judge. On my last school trip I had to go on 3. I cried the whole time. Luckily I had my friends there to make me feel better about it.
  7. I love all my internet friends! You guys are great and some of the nicest people I know I’ve met through the internet
  8. Ed Sheeran, enough has already been said.
  9. One of my favourite books/films is Paper Towns. I love John Greens books! He’s a great writer.
  10. I used to play this game called Alice Greenfingers all the time. I still have it now on my phone. It’s great get it. Also no her fingers aren’t green because she picks her nose.

Andddd that’s ten! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and got to know me a little better! I enjoyed writing this.

Thank you for reading,

Marissa xo


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  1. sprinkleofell
    April 9, 2017 / 6:14 am

    Loved this ❤️

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