Small Adidas Haul

Small Adidas Haul

It’s my birthday the day I’m posting this! This stuff I got last week though and I’m typing this a week early so if I get more Adidas Stuff, it will be in my what I got for my birthday post. Which shall be up next week!

The first things I got were two hats. I got the hat above, then the same but in white and black. They were on offer and I wasn’t sure which colour to get so why not both. I then got four tops. The one in the photo is a crop top and it’s so cute! I love the camo print on the logo. I don’t have much summer clothing at the moment so I’m trying to “stock up”. I also got a grey top that has metallic writing and says Adidas. I’m trying to buy just general tops for working out as I’m going to the gym 3-4 times a week now and wearing the same shirt is gross. Oh and the top was £12.

I got another grey shirt. I don’t actually have many grey tops so. It has the flower looking symbol then says “Adidas Original Three Stripe” It was £18 ish. The last top I got was a general working out vest top. It’s made of that really breathable material. Then it has a tiny Adidas logo in the corner which is why It’s worth the £20 more. Wow that was short. Wish me a Happy Birthday guys, Thank you! Have a nice day.

Thanks for reading,

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