My Jewellery Picks

My Jewellery Picks

I’ve never really been big on jewellery but lately I’ve been incorporating it into my outfits more. Today I thought I’d share with you my top jewellery picks.


I can’t get my ear lobes pierced as I have a skin condition and it has grown across one of my ear. It would be really painful if I got it done. I’d love to get my helix pierced on my other ear though. If anyone has their helix pierced please let me know as I’m still not sure whether to get it done or not. These hoops are just lifesavers. I love the look of big hoops for a party or just dressing up a bit. They have a little bit of silver glitter on the bottom too. These were around £5. I’m not sure if they are still available.



This was from a friend. Thank you Abbey! It has little jewels in it and then you can adjust the size. I thought this was really cool because it’s like a drawstring bag. I’ve gone from wearing no jewellery to wearing like 4 necklaces, 3 rings and tons of bracelets!


This necklace is a chunky statement piece and it is a favourite of mine. It is gold plated with a medallion “charm”. I believe it was £20! Which, I don’t think is too bad considering it is from KK and it is stunning! I pair this with plain black tees, turtlenecks etc. It really helps to make an outfit more classy. You definitely need one of these!


The one I have in the photo above is from Amazon.  You can get these pretty much anywhere though. I’ve seen them all over Tumblr. They go with virtually anything! I’ve been wearing this almost everyday this week. Not to mention, it looks great in photos too.


I got this cute little “M” necklace from one of my friends at Christmas. Thanks Zoe! It’s just one of those really nice necklaces that are there but not really. That makes no sense at all but I’m going to keep it in anyway aha. It gives a more personal touch to your outfits.

Thanks for reading,

Marissa xo