New in : Jewellery

New in : Jewellery

Recently, I’ve been loving Jewellery. Especially rings! I discovered “Ring Stacking” and I love the way they look. I didn’t splash lots of money on Pandora rings, instead I went to Claire’s which was my favourite place when I was about 10. I’ve always seen it as the kids shop with headbands and lip gloss. Little did I know they had some real cheap and cute rings. I bought a few rings to add to my collection and thought I’d show you them! As well as rings, I got a few other bits so keep reading to see which new Jewellery has popped up in my Jewellery Box.

  1. Initial Ring

This ring was only £1. How crazy is that?! It’s adjustable so it will fit my fat, little, sausage fingers no matter what. Very cute ring and looks nice by itself. It has the letter “M” engraved into it and adds a very personal touch to any outfit.

2. Moon and Star Ring

This is possibly my favourite ring out of my collection. It’s like something you’d see on tumblr if you get me.

3. Gold Chokers

These aren’t rings but I bought these from Peacocks about a week ago. They’re nice props in flatlays and look super cute as necklaces.

4. Personalised Bracelet

I bought this lovely personalised bracelet over on Ebay. I asked for a white band and for it to say ‘Have Strength’. I thought it would be a lovely addition to my wrist along with my rose gold watch, which I literally never take off.

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