Easy Everyday Makeup

Easy Everyday Makeup

It’s no secret that when it comes to Summer weather I simply can’t be bothered with makeup and clothes. I still want to look like I’ve put in a bit of effort though. This look is quick, simple and for “those days” when everything is a struggle.

STEP 1: The Base

I like to change it up for the base but I will always start with Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Super Model Body’ as a primer. I swear by this when I’m tanned as it gives such a golden glow under your foundation. If you don’t fancy ant heavy foundation you can just wear it on its own, which is what I normally do.

On the rare occasion when I feel I need some coverage, I use the Max Factor CC cream. This is isn’t heavy at all and applies really nice to the skin. It adds to the dewy glow. I do find it comes up slightly darker but when I have a tan it makes no difference. I reach for this product only in Summer really.











STEP 2: Definition and Volume

I then go in with my Freedom Contour Palette and carve out my cheeks, sides of my forehead and jaw. I use the warmer shade just to add to the golden glow. To add some volume to my lashes and draw attention to my eyes, I then add some mascara.

The mascara I’m loving is this mini No7 Intense Volume mascara. I love the brush on this! It’s also great if you’re travelling because it’s so small.

STEP 3: Final touches

To tie the look together, I apply my Barry M lipgloss, which is now unavailable as it was limited edition – you can use any gloss though. In the Freedom Palette I used earlier, there is a lush highlight which I then apply to my cheeks using my beloved fan brush. My favourite trick is to then get the Mac Strobe Cream and apply it to the centre of my eyelids. This makes you look bright and awake. It’s also good if you want to draw attention to your eyes.

Last but not least set it off with any setting spray you have! I just use one from Makeup Revolution.

I hope you’ll try some of these products out, let me know your thoughts on my routine. I’m not an expert makeup artist but I hope you enjoyed this post anyway and it helped some of you. I cannot deal with heavy, time consuming makeup in this heat so share any lazy hacks you have below because you know I need those this Summer.


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