What I Got For Christmas ♡

What I Got For Christmas ♡

It’s still December so I would say I’m technically not late for this post aha. I had an amazing Christmas with my family. I’d also like to say that I’m not trying to brag I am so grateful for everything.  Thank you to all my friends and family that got me a present, a card or even just said merry Christmas and wished me a good day. I’m not going to put everything I got on here but I’ll put a couple things. I wasn’t expecting anything I got, I was absolutely spoiled by my wonderful family. Let’s get started then I guess aha.

I got two pairs of shoes and I love them so much. I got a pair of Stan Smith Adidas trainers. They are mainly black then have this really cool doodle pattern on them. I think they are really unique and I love them! Then I also got a pair of heeled ankle boots. I cannot express my love for these. They have a gold zip and detailing. I’m still looking for an occasion to wear them properly but i love them aha I’ve already said that like 4 times now.

So when I opened this next present I almost died I swear. I opened it and i was so happy because I was going on about this for ages. The Soap&Glory Whole Glam Lot Case. Before this I didn’t have any Soap&Glory products but I’ve wanted some for a while now. Inside the case you get: the sugar crush body wash, a massive bottle of hand food, the hand maid hand gel, a tub of the righteous butter, the speed plump moisturizer, a tub of the scrub of your life, the smoothie star body milk, the vitamin c facial wash, a sexy motherpucker lipgloss and the thick and fast mascara.The case is so cute and it would be great for travelling or if you use all the products (which will take ages as you get so much!) you can refill it.

I also got some bits from Calvin Klein. I absolutely love Calvin Klein. I got 2 of the bras, matching underwear lmao and i got the eternity moment perfume. This perfume is amazing. If you haven’t already got it I recommend it as it smells amazing. Speaking of perfume I also got a juicy couture perfume. I could of cried when i opened this. It smells amazing. I’m not sure what the perfume is called as it doesn’t say on the front. I also got my first ever mac product/products. I got four of the lipsticks. I was not expecting these at all. They are all so beautiful. Then I got the strobe cream sample which is the cutest thing ever. The four lipsticks I got were Velvet Teddy, Chili, Sin and Hautecore. I tried these all out the other day and they are phenomenal. I haven’t been able to wear Hautecore yet but I quite like dark lips so I’m sure I’ll be using this one a lot. Sin is a deep purple and I know I’ll wear this for autumn and maybe just daily aha. Chili is a hot red and I love it so much. Then Velvet Teddy is a deep toned nude and i have been pairing this with the W7 mega matte lips in the shade Two Bob.

Okay I think that’s enough for this post aha. I went a bit overboard but I just appreciate everything I got so much and hope you all had a great Christmas. Happy Holidays!

Marissa xo


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