Spring Polish Picks

Spring Polish Picks

Hello everyone! I bite my nails really bad if you didn’t already know. I just can’t seem to break the habit and I’ve tried everything. I think it’s down to stress mainly but anyway if I did have lovely long nails these are the polishes I’d use. I normally just apply fake nails then paint over them – stubby nail life.


This is the ‘Pink Creme’ Avon Nailwear Pro polish. This polish is a muted version of Bubble Gum Pink. It’s such a pretty shade with a glossy finish. Even when it isn’t spring, this is my favourite all round polish. It’s so dainty and delicate.

It’s pigmented and more of a ‘white-toned pink’. Although it’s pigmented, I’d say you need at least two coats due to it being a somewhat light shade.


Next we have the ‘Suddenly Sunny’ polish from Avon. This is fast drying which I’m very pleased about because I hate waiting for polish to dry and always end up smudging it then having to re-paint it. Suddenly Sunny is a nice bright yellow. I’d almost compare it to a neon shade, it’s very close to a neon yellow.

The formula is nice. It’s quite thick so that could be a problem for some but I find it took less coats due to it being so thick. It wasn’t runny at all. Such a bright colour and perfect for a pop of colour this spring/summer!


This polish is the ‘Up to 7 Day Wear Milk Caramel’ polish from Collection. This shade isn’t very springy or summery, sorry. I had to include it though it’s it is my staple shade! It’s so natural and very close to my skin tone.

Also thought I’d mention, all these polishes are my Mum’s but I periodically steal them from her. Does anyone else do this or just me?!

As much as I love this shade, I find the polish is streaky, hard to apply and is almost a glue texture. It takes forever to dry and constantly smudges. If anyone has a polish in this shade from a different brand please let me know!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. May your polish dry quick and never smudge, I wish you luck with your nails aha!

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