Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine

As well as this post on my blog, this will also be going on my YouTube, hopefully. Let’s just dive straight in!

I will firstly remove my makeup using the Garnier Micellar Water. It’s great for removing eye makeup and it’s really gentle, which is great because my skin is super sensitive and becomes red really easily. After I’ve removed my makeup, I wash my face with the S&G Vitamin C Facial wash, I mentioned this in my other post, ‘March Favourites‘, check it out if you haven’t yet! After that, I use my Simple Toner. This is just to ensure my face is squeaky clean. Recently, I’ve been loving clay masks and face masks, so today I used a peel-off face mask in the scent ‘Passion Fruit’. It’s fun to peel off – I’m sure most people would agree! After removing the face mask, I use my S&G Speed Plump Moisturiser. This is the key to baby-soft skin. It’s great, and I certainly recommend it for those with rough skin.  If I have any spot outbreaks, I use my trusty Witch Hazel Stick – it works like a charm!

Tell me what your favourite part of your skincare routine is in the comments! Mine would definitely be peel-off face masks.

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