A Must Have Eyeshadow Palette

A Must Have Eyeshadow Palette

I’m in love with this pallet. I was browsing on Superdrug (as you do) and I found this stunning pallet. It was love at first sight. I ordered it and had to wait a grueling 4 days. Longest four days of my life but it was worth the wait.

It has such a range of shades, from shell pink to coppers. It has many textured eyeshadows, some are more grainy, some are matte and some are glittery. My favourite shade is the burgundy pinkish colour. It has my thumbprint in it oops. Also, I’m pretty partial to the highlight looking white shade above. I use it as a highlight sometimes because it’s just stunning. I did have a little list with the shade names on but I lost it. The packaging for it is a gold box with metallic writing. The actual pallet is black with gold writing.

The pigment of these is phenomenal for its price. It was around £8 I think. I can’t really remember so if it’s more or less than sorry but I know it’s on the cheap side. I believe there is also a second and third version of this pallet and I’d recommend it to everyone and anyone. While I’m here what do you guys think of my new kinda blog theme? I’m trying to take better photos etc. I also have so good news! It will be in my next post so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,

Marissa xo


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