Review On The Zoella Pamper Hamper

Review On The Zoella Pamper Hamper

I got the Pamper Hamper as a christmas present and I’m so grateful for it. If you didn’t know i absolutely love Zoella! Anyway on with the review!

I love the packaging for this. It’s a white basket/hamper and it has red straps and a buckle. Imprinted on the straps are Zs and i think it adds such a cute lil touch! To make sure all the items are protected it has pink strips of “tissue paper”. Inside you get seven products.

A bake my day makeup bag, ginger bread bath salts, the hungry hands hand cream, shower glaze, ginger cream, zoella bath puff and a bath fizzer. Zoella went a little bit crazy with gingerbread but i absolutely love gingerbread so its all good. The makeup bag i love so much. I use it as a beauty bag for school and keep it in my bag. (Do you want a post about what’s in my school bag?) I haven’t yet used the bath salts but i love the packaging. The hungry hands cream smells really good. I’ve used it everyday since i got it. It’s really moisturising. I haven’t actually used the shower glaze but again it smells really good. It’s a warm ginger not spicy. I love the ginger cream. It’s like a full body version of hungry hands. And we can tell how much i love that hand cream aha.  The bath puff is just a normal bath puff. Not much to say really. It does it’s job? lmao. I haven’t used the bath fizzer yet either sorry! xD

All of Zoella’s products always have beautiful packaging and the pamper hamper is probably one of her best products yet! If you haven’t got it I totally recommend you do. You can get it from most Superdrug and Boots stores.

Marissa xo


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