Mini Skincare Haul

Mini Skincare Haul

I noticed the other day I had run out of my favourite skin care products. From face wash to cotton pads, I had used it all! So this called for a mini haul. I went out and picked up a few bits I needed.

Garnier Micellar Gel Face Wash Sensitive Skin

I’ve never tried this product before but I was getting to the end of my trusty Micellar Water and thought I should branch out to this facial wash. After giving it a few tries, I quite like it! It lathers up a lot and is great at removing my eyeliner and even waterproof mascara. I just use this with a good ol’ sponge from Sainsburys. Nothing special but it gets the job done.

Anatomicals No Old Bags Allowed Eye Cream

I actually got sent this product from Anatomicals. Thank you to this lovely brand! I’ve tried quite a few of their face masks which I now swear by. I haven’t used masks from any other company in… Forever! After using the masks I had pretty high expectations for this eye cream. I don’t really have any dark circles but I love using this product just to cool my under eyes.

Cotton Pads & Cotton Balls

As well as running out of Micellar Water I ran out of cotton pads/balls. These are great for removing makeup and nail varnish. Essential really!

Soap and Glory the Righteous Butter

After using the same one for two years I was in need a refill. Well okay you caught me – I lost it! I’m not too sure how you can lose a big fat tub of body butter but I did. I can’t live without this product and I still haven’t found it yet so i just bought another. It was almost empty anyway.


Gel Face Wash

Bag Eye Cream

Body Butter



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