March Favourites

March Favourites

I feel like this month has gone by really fast. Saying that thought so has this year, it’s almost Easter already wow. It’s my blogs 3 month anniversary? It’s on the 31st of march. Not sure when this will go up but I’m sure I’ll post it pretty early so. Anyway let’s actually talk about my favourite things this march! “Simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feel so bad.”

First on my fantabulous list is….. Ed Sheeran ahahah. I had too I’m sorry. Let’s be serious now oops. So the music that is totally my jam right now is Ed Sheerans new album Divide yessss you know it. My favourite song, not that I have favourites, is Barcelona. His Spanish singing though!! I said I wouldn’t go on too long about him eurgh sorry. I’m listening to ed while I’m writing this post actually. I’m loving my denim jacket! It makes me feel so cool omg. Anyone else relate. I feel really like edgy when I wear it. It does with virtually everything. Trust me you need a denim jacket. I hate the word denim though. I can’t pronounce it properly. I say like (dem)(nean). Struggles of words.

March is sorta the early spring stage for me and it been loving peachy pinky lippies this month. Right now my favourite is the Dr Rescue Baby Lips in Pink Me Up. It has  a really delicate soft tint to it. It’s super minty as well and I love mint lipbalms. It’s just fabulouso. Soap&Glory, where do I start. Their Vitamin C facial wash is amazing. I love the little pink beads in it. You know when your face just feels super fresh and clean. That’s how I feel when I use it. It’s pretty cheap too. I just feel that it really cleans my face.

Lush lip scrubs are my favourite you know it. I just can’t stop using them. #Addicted. I won’t too much about them but get them, they taste great. Which isn’t their main purpose but…….  Also loving my Royal Connection False nails. They last super long&look really cute.

That’s all for now. Thanks for  reading,

Marissa xo



  1. April 2, 2017 / 9:36 am

    I love the soap and glory facial wash! :) x

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