8 Beauty Hacks You Must Know!

8 Beauty Hacks You Must Know!

Sometimes when you are doing your makeup or hair it can be so time consuming or nothing will go right! Here are 8 tips to help make life a bit easier!

1. Trouble with winged eyeliner? When doing eyeliner i always struggle to get my wing at the right angle and a even straight line. Grab a piece of tape and to get rid of some of the stickiness keep pressing it on the back of your hand. Then line the tape along your eye and draw along the tape. You could use a credit card or something with a straight edge as well.

2.Want plump lips? Grab some sugar and scrub it into your lips. If you don’t have any sugar on hand grab a toothbrush (one you don’t use for your teeth aha) and use it as a “lip brush”

3. Ring stuck on your finger? Cover your finger in Vaseline and you should be able to slide it right off!

4.Foundation a tad too dark? Maybe you don’t want to toss it because it was pricey or maybe it’s the last of your foundation. Well add some moisturizer! It will lighten your foundation and it will moisturize your skin which will save you lots of time. Bonus!

5.Mascara gone clumpy? Stick your mascara in a cup of hot water, leave it overnight then wipe the excess moisture and it should be good as new. If not then it’s time to get a new one!

6.Do you forget to remove your makeup before bed? I normally remember by the time I get into my bed then I’m too lazy to get up aha. Well if you are lazy like me then the solution is to leave makeup wipes by your bed.

7.Have you got annoying fly aways? Get some hairspray and spray it onto a toothbrush (one you don’t use for your teeth) then comb back those fly aways.

8.Always losing your bobby pins? Put them in an old Tic Tac container. This is perfect for travelling as well.



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    This is so useful!! Your blog looks really good, keep it up! Xx

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