Let’s Talk Liner..

Let’s Talk Liner..

I always found eyeliner really difficult but after these tips I will be sharing, it’s really easy! I am a “glasses wearer” and there is nothing I struggle more with than eye makeup. I’ve got to remove my glasses to do it but when I take them off, I can’t see! I thought today I’d give you some tips on how I do my eyeliner. Even though I’m like practically blind without my glasses, it still looks pretty good.

So there are two eyeliners I use. The S&G Super Cat Liner or the Collection 24hr Eyeliner. Both are very similar but S&G has a thinner point so I think it’s better personally. My first step is to lay down some tape as a guideline on my eyeballs. I use tape because I can’t see when I draw the line, it looks straight and on fleek, but then I put my glasses on and its all wiggly. The tape is my life saver. I firstly do one big stroke for the wing, getting closer to the tape so it gets thinner. I then go a quarter of the way down and draw a diagonal line to my eyelid. I then fill it in using my Collection eyeliner.¬†Hopefully that all makes sense.

Thanks for reading,

Marissa xo