My Go To Perfumes

My Go To Perfumes

It’s 2018! I hope y’all are having a good fresh start to the year so far. Today I’ve got a post all about my favourite everyday perfumes. They will range for least to most expensive so you can purchase depending on your budget!

The first perfume is the Victoria Secret Love Addict Perfume. This is more of like a body spray. This perfume is amazing for summer! Of course you can wear it all year round but it’s got a very fruity scent. It’s watermelon and strawberries – super sweet! These are pretty cheap too, the cheapest on my list at a lovely £10.

The second perfume is by Calvin Klein and called “Eternity Moment”. Correct me if I’m wrong but this perfume is £20-25. It’s got a very flowery, floral scent. It claims: The sensual fragrance blends notes of pomegranate, florals and Chinese pink peony blossom to create a fresh, delectable aroma. Which sound like lots of fancy words to make you buy it. It smells really fresh and clean.

The last perfume is from Juicy Couture. It’s called ” Eau de parfum ” which don’t asks me what that means because I take German. It depends where you buy this perfume from. On the Juicy Couture website it’s £70 but you can find it on reliable websites for £50. This perfume is really hard to describe. It’s got like the classic perfume smell of vanilla and fruit all in one. I reach for this perfume the most and It’s still quite a nice price instead of spending £100+ on Chanel perfumes when all you’re really paying for is the label.

I hope this post was helpful to you guys, let me know what your favourite perfume is and I’ll check it out!

Thanks for reading,

Marissa xo