Hey, Marissa here! I know I have a short summary on my sidebar but I felt I should explain a little more. I wanted to talk about what made me want to start blogging and where my interests sparked from. When I was little I didn’t have any makeup but my mum had a large collection. She was an Avon Representative and so she got a lot of makeup! I used to sneak in and put on all the makeup I could find. Of course I would film it all and do a little vlog on my little iPod touch. I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to share my opinions and have a voice. I feel like blogging is a great way for me to express myself and my thoughts in a beautiful way. Another interest of mine is photography. Since starting this blog my photography has come a long way. I have the Canon EOS 500d camera. One thing with my photos I’ve always struggled with is composition. Since my blog I have got so much better (if I do say so myself). I hope for my blog to be a beautiful community of people that all feel safe and welcome here!

Marissa xo

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